2016-03-04 08:15 pm

In limited but sincere defense of Trump and his supporters

So John Oliver does a great, well-deserved take-down of Donald Trump. In which, he includes reference to in indirect accusation that Trump has a small dick. (Are you really going to say you didn't understand than when watching Oliver?) Oliver says there's really nothing wrong with Trump's fingers (and indirectly his dick) but he uses the reference again later in the piece.

Shortly thereafter, Trump responds to the same crap somewhat more explicitly, but still in a safe-for-work-and-maybe-children way.

And you're all on Trump for being so immature, but fine with what he was responding to. Because Oliver did it with humor aimed at your education level. And you wonder why so many people are so pissed off at political niceties that they end up supporting Trump's dick.